Our History In Vineland, NJ

White Refrigerated Truck - trucking company in Vineland, NJ
The Davy family formed MJD Trucking, Inc. in 1981. Twenty years later, Davy Cold Storage, LLC was created, providing a full logistical operation.
Together, the Davy family continues to oversee and operate their organization according to the many years of knowledge, experience, and commitment that have allowed them to grow into a full logistical operation that is required in today's globalized traffic world.
We specialize in more than just transporting freight—we build lasting relationships. Our employees are highly skilled and trained professional drivers who strive to complete their duties in a timely and fashionable manner.
To help them achieve their goals we provide all new equipment that is serviced and maintained in-house on a daily basis to ensure DOT safety regulations. Our achievements are met by the dependability, reliability, and accountability of our outstanding team of dedicated employees.